Travel right is one of the leading study abroad agencies in Bangladesh which was originated by some of the UK graduates who have vast experience in the students’ counselling and students placement in UK, Canada and Malaysia. Moreover, we have UK and Canadian immigration lawyers on our board.  Our management partners have more than 10 years’ of pragmatic experience in the field of overseas admission procedure, processed over 500 student’s visa in UK, Canada and Malaysia. 

With many years of experience and depth knowledge of international education system, we offer students proper direction on getting an impressive place in top rated Universities and colleges in UK, Canada and Malaysia. We are the authorized agent of many top rated universities and colleges among the countries; as a result admission process will be done within a short time. We are not just concern about our clients only to get the visa but we tried to aid them how to become settled down and sometimes we help them to find a desired job in the countries. We have wonderful relationship with our previous clients. We believe that providing survives is not enough therefore, we ensure quality service. 

Why  Travel Right ?

1. File assessment and counseling-

Students who want to study abroad must face financial challenges. Generally, a student must bear the university fees, accommodation and living costs for one year or for one semester. It is very necessary to manage the finances and living expenses carefully. 

We have devoted counselors who will assess your financial documents and aid students to prepare financially for study abroad. Travel right analysts providing necessary financial support to discerning candidates. All our students have been able to secure one or the other form of financial assistant. Through our expertise our students have received scholarships, fee waivers, and grants in international programs. Financial assistance is part and priority of our study abroad counseling package.

2. Scholarship and finance-

Our guidance counselors will help you discover more about yourself. Knowing your personality, your beliefs, your talents and your strengths will help you assess the options and see where you fit. Consideration must be given to choose the right country, program, and institution. Travel Right experts have a long history in student counseling. Our students will get the most up-to-date and authentic information regarding career choices, right courses, and opportunities globally.

3. Documentation and preparation-

Our counselor will provide you with a documents check-list. You must provide all the relevant academic, personal, and financial documents. These documents will help us make a comprehensive assessment of your study abroad options.

3. Application review and submission-

Admissions are given on academic performance and satisfying program requirements. To give yourself the best chance of admission at your desired institution, it recommended that you apply as soon as you make the decision. Most of the foreign universities consider applications on first come first serve basis. The earlier you apply the better your chances of getting admission and financial assistance. Our counselors will make sure that our students will follow the right path during application process. 

Following are the common steps in the international admission and students’ placement process:

  • Arrangement of documents: i.e. academic transcripts, recommendation letters, statement of purpose, resume etc.
  • Determination of application deadline
  • Submission of the online/offline application before the deadline along with required documents
  • Mail all the relevant documents if required
  • Official score reporting of standardized tests (GRE/GMAT/SAT) and English Proficiency tests (TOEFL/IELTS/PTE)
  • Keeping track of the application status on a timely basis
  • Accept the admission confirmation letter

4. Visa guidance-

We help our candidates efficiently create their visa files and submitting their visa application in due time. 

By ensuring all the documents are as required, our candidate’s chances of getting the Visa for the desired country increases considerably.

5. Travel and post departure arrangements-

Our offices will provide full support for flight bookings, arrangement of student accommodation, and airport meets & greet. Our counseling is not limited till the visa. We are also providing post-arrival assistance. Our foreign members will serve our new students to get accommodations in the desired country. We prepare our students for a new life in a new country with diversity of cultures and different languages. Our clients can always contact our counselors for personal or career advice.